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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Return of the Dynamic Duo - Plus 1

Well, we're home.
We had one glorious night and day at Tamarack Beach Resort. We could not have had better weather. 85 degrees at the beach . . . which is balmy to us, but hot as Hades to those who live at the beach.
Evelyn and I had a very relaxing time, just sitting on our verandah and watching the waves roll in, watching the surfers, watching the hikers and dog-walkers as they ambled along the promenade.
We had a special treat this morning as we watched a pod of about four or five dolphins swim by. They must have been in our immediate range for about 10-15 minutes. I don't think there's a much prettier sight than seeing those peaceful and graceful marine mammals cruising the ocean. Later, Marty, Evelyn's youngest son, said he had been out surfing and saw four separate pods of dolphins. What a great and rare treat!
Carlsbad is an interesting place. For those who don't live in North San Diego County, it's a beach community, fronting the Pacific Ocean. There's a whole different way of life there. Lots of people walking, riding bicycles, visting funky retaurants, walking dogs (and if you walk your dog you damn sure better have a baggie or two to pick up after it. If you don't, you'll be told about it by the locals . . . and that's the way it should be).
Invariably, we find the locals as well as the tourists friendly and eager to visit. We probably spent 15-20 minutes chatting with two or three different couples who had their dogs out for a walk.
I like Carlsbad. Wouldn't mind living there. The people seem kind and gentle, laid back, anxious to please. Sometimes, in our workaday world, and living inland, we get so involved with work we forget how to relax and enjoy the area and its people.
We went over to Marty's, picked up Trixie, and took her for a walk on the beach promenade. It was a great adventure for her and she's slowly learning how to socialize not only with other dogs, but with other people as well. She tends to be a bit on the shy side with both . . . but she does make friends. It just takes a bit of patience.
Took her back to Marty's then headed back to the suite and just kicked back.
It was a fairly pleasant day till I started to watch the Chargers and their terrible play (except for Rivers. He was great!) That soured my otherwise happy mood rather quickly. Great talent . . . but poor discipline and special teams don't know what they are doing.
Evelyn and Marty went down to the BBQ area and cooked up some hamburgers while I napped. Ever notice how much better hamburgers taste when you grill them at the beach, at the lake, or any really special place?
Having been fed and watered, Marty headed home and Evelyn and I both took a nap. It's easier napping at the beach . . . salt air, balmy breezes . . . they just invite wonderful sleep.
Turns out Evelyn and I were thinking the same thing. That we probably ought to head back home. We were worried about the cats and knew Trixie would love to get back to her own home (though she had made a great pal with Clyde, Marty's dog. They played well together and Marty has this big, fenced-in backyard that the dogs love to run and play in. I think Evelyn and I have pretty much decided to put a chain link fence in the back yard so Trixie will have a place to run here and we won't have to worry about her running out into the street and getting hit by a car. Right now we have to take her out on a 16' retractable leash and that takes a lot of time.
We probably won't go back til Wednesday evening, have another great sunset meal at Dini's restaurant, watching the waves roll in and boom upon the shore as we dine, another glorious evening, a few daytime hours Thursday, then return home again to our regular life. Marty is going to stay there Thursday night and then check out for us Friday. I'll see if Ken, my youngest son, wants to stay at the time share tomorrow night. Sadly, Evelyn and I only get two, maybe three nights out of our time share week. Just too much work and time demands to get the paper out.
Still, it has been a bit like a second honeymoon. Both of us relaxed, enjoying ourselves, and having time alone, together, without a herd of animals to disturb us. ('Course, at age 71, I'm not sure I can handle more than one second honeymoon a year. But I just might try . . . you never know! This old codger still has a gleam in his eye and a rather warm and affectionate heart.)

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