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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Huskers win ugly . . .

Yeah, we won . . . but I'm not a happy camper. Again.

I suspect the Huskers took the Idaho Vandals for granted. They made sloppy plays, undisciplined, careless . . . too many penalties. The holding penalties killed us.

If they play like this next week in Washington, we're going to get our Big Red butts kicked. We did not play up to our capability. We're a better team than what we saw out there today.

The kids need to man up and play every game like it was a title game. They didn't do that today. 38-17 Nebraska? Yeah. Sounds like a blow-out. It wasn't.

The good news . . . interceptions were superb. 14 points on interceptions. Some of our running game was great . . . but was often called back due to holding.

Nope. We're not there yet. We need more work.

Next week will be interesting. I'm crossing my fingers.

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