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Monday, September 13, 2010

Igor is a Beach Boy

Saturday night Igor became a Beach Boy.

He and his three charges, Voicu, Petru, and Vlad, all visitors from Romania, took in 'Surfin Safari' at the Old Town Temecula Theater.

At first, Igor, who is the chaperone for the three Romanian students, tried to keep his dignified, sophisticated demeanor . . . but it wasn't long and he was clapping and waving and gyrating, along with the rest of the audience.

'Surfin' Safari' is the Beach Boys Tribute Band that had the audience up and dancing in the aisles. One group of women, all of whom appeared to be in their middle earlies, got up and were performing a Bunny-Hop line dance in the aisles during "Help Me, Rhonda."

The Surfin Safari lads did a fantastic job of dressing like, looking like, and, most of all, sounding like . . . the immortal Beach Boys. Every single member of the audience left the theater with a great big grin on their face . . . they had been superbly entertained. No one enjoyed the show more than Voicu, the long haired Romanian, who is a drummer. He was often seen clapping his hands in time to the music and was clearly in his element.

In the courtyard outside the theater, staid, conservative Igor was asked if he had a good time.

"Yesss," he said, "I like Beach Boys. Music very good."

(The Surfin Safari Cast with the visiting Romanians)

Members of the 'Surfin' Safari' and host, K-Earth's legendary air personality, Brian Beirne, both acknowledged the visiting Romanians from the stage as well as presented them with an autographed copy of the 'set lists,' sheets of paper with the song sets, in the order they were presented to the audience. The Romanians left the theater with stars in their eyes. They had a superb evening of entertainment.

A tip: Next time you hear the 'Surfin' Safari' is appearing near you . . . run, don't walk, to buy tickets. They put on one tremendous show.

Take it from Igor.

L-R, top row, Petru (Peter), Tim Cunning, wife Marie Cunning, Voicu, Vlad and Igor, the Romanian chaperone.
Foreground, Morgan and Andew Cunning.

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