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Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Beach . . .

I am slowly being persuaded that it is a great idea to occasionally get away from the office, from work, even from the home . . . and slip into a more relaxing atmosphere.
Wednesday, we went back to Tamarack Beach Resort in Carlsbad, CA., to use only the second day and third night of our one week time share.

I just seem to morph into this really laid back dude when I get to Suite 341.
Generally, I bypass the tv set, stay away from the computer, and just plop myself down on the comfortable chairs on the verandah and enjoy looking at the ocean. I enjoy hearing the waves as they roll in and hit the beach, some of the larger breakers make a KA-THUMP sound as they break . . . then, in a line, like a group of soldiers just slightly out of formation, you hear another KA-THUMP, and then another . . .
I enjoy watching the pelicans. They are an ugly, ungainly bird when lounging about on beach boulders . . . but when they fly . . . particularly if there are a group of them . . . they fly in graceful formation.

I didn't see any pods of dolphins today. They were out in droves Saturday . . . but that's another thing about the beach. There's always something different going on.
I watched and listened to the waves for, maybe, 20 minutes. By that time I had become drowsy and toddled off to bed for a nice nap. I remember regretting I didn't have a chaise lounge, or even an old Army cot. I would have enjoyed falling asleep on the verandah, listening to the sound of the waves, and breathing in the fresh, salty air.

After my nap, we went back to Marty's house to feed and play with Trixie and Klyde, Marty's dog, and Trixie's newfound playmate. Both were delighted to see us and we, them.

We had another pleasant dinner with Marty and then retired early . . . but not before spending another good half hour just watching and listening to the waves, and watching people walking on the promenade, bicycling, some folks having a late evening stroll with their dogs.

Thursday, we awakened, enjoyed the view again. Evelyn fixed us a delicous breakfast and we headed over to pick up both Trixie and Klyde. Today, we were going to take them for 'walkies' on the promenade. We had a few drops of very welcome rain . . . nothing big. Rather refreshing, in fact. We had a good long walk, both dogs would stop and sniff and otherwise greet other dogs, we would chat with varous dog owners . . . and the morning passed wonderfully. Marty, who works for the Carlsbad Public Works Department, saw his mom and me walking and stopped for a brief chat. One of Marty's friends was walking his dog and told us that everyone knew Marty and Klyde; in fact, they called Klyde, "The Mayor." (Frequently, Marty is the recipients of friendly waves and is stopped by friends who want to chat. He surfs most ever day there is decent surf and he takes Klyde for a walk on the beach every day, without fail. They are a true team and it is beautiful to see them together.)

Marty went back to work, we walked the pups back to the car. I was quite pleased as neither my hip nor my legs caused me one bit of pain, even though we had a fairly long walk. The pups genuinely enjoyed their outing and we've decided when we're not at the beach we're going to take Trixie to the dog park where she can enjoy more socializing with her canine pals.

The skies then began to open up and we had a most pleasant rain. We needed the rain as the fire threat is very severe. Throughout the county frequent reports of thunder and lightning strikes were reported. Nothing compared to those of us who grew up in the midwest, but big news to Californians. When Trixie first heard a clap of thunder she looked up at the sky and barked. She's not afraid . . . except of people and other pups (at least at first. Once she warms up to you, you have a freind for life).

We're home now. Marty is using the time share tonight and will check out for us tomorrow.

When I got home my office looked the same, felt the same, was the same. I jumped back into my normal work routine and three hours later I had gotten all caught up on emails, both reading and responding, got caught up on phone calls, various odds and ends that build up when you're away, even if only a day.

But . . . I'm about ready to head back to the beach. I enjoy it. Evelyn enjoys it, and Trixie enjoys it. So, why not?

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