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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another point on the ball park issue . . .

Anonymous said:

Attorney Ferguson was reported by the North County Times to be Chairman of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Escondido General Plan Update, representing the ballpark investors and representing the owners of the swap meet property. This seems like a conflict of interest.

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  1. Dick Daniels comments regarding attorney Ferguson when the Chargers were the target for the day.

    "Mr. Ferguson has been working with the city on a pro bono basis, helping with the Chargers issue. He does represent a property owner in that sphere of influence and would certainly remove himself if and when it was appropriate to do so. He's mentioned and been up front about his relationship with property owners and thus far has had no opportunity to profit from the work he's done to date."

    "Guess there's no place for somebody doing something for the city out of his or her own sense of community; apparently it's all some smoke-filled room plot."

    Unfortunately Mr. Daniels seems to think jaded thinking is the issue and not the failure of Ferguson to remove himself when appropriate. There has never been an appropriate time on any project he has brought before the City Council vote to excuse himself so why begin now?