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Friday, September 24, 2010


Ever notice how when you're sitting on the couch or easy chair and a pup or a kitten cozies up and decides to take a nap in your lap how you are ever so reluctant to disturb the poor little creature? How, even when your bladder is about to burst, you are reluctant to move for fear of waking the 'baby?'
And then do you notice how that same animal, be it dog or cat, decides to up and go for a jaunt or play with a toy, simply pops up and runs off, without any consideration for how lonely the now abandoned human is going to feel?
Animals just don't give a damn, do they?
Evelyn took a feeding dish of Trixies outside, on the patio, this morning to leave for Mr. Stripes, a neighborhood cat, not feral, just a neighborly cat who drops around for a feed and a petting and cooing session. Trixie hadn't finished her food so Evelyn didn't want it to go to waste.
Later, Evelyn took Trixie out to finish her bathroom visits (which are finally starting to work). She immediately notice "her dish," went over and picked it up in her mouth and carried it to the sliding glass door leading into the kitchen and dropped it there, as if to say, "this is MY dish!"
She has also learned the trick of picking up this porcelain feeding dish and bringing it into our office and dropping it on the floor, startling us, and putting us on notice that she is hungry and it's about damn time we got off our duffs and put something worthwhile in that bowl.
If we're going to be gone from the house for more than 15-20 minutes, we put her in her cage. When we return, I come in the garage door leading to the family room; she jumps up and down in her cage, happy to see daddy. I open up her cage and she'll jump up once or twice on me, and then make a beeline for the kitchen door from the garage 'cause she knows that's where Evelyn comes in.
She's my pup . . . but she loves Evelyn more. A lot more.
Oh, I get plenty of affection and lots of puppy kisses, but there's no question where her first allegiance is. She absolutely worships Evelyn. With good reason. Evelyn is a good mommy. A very good mommy.
Trixie is one smart pup . . . she's getting bigger. Several of you have asked for an updated picture of her. Since I always do exactly what I am told . . .here you are!

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