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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Remembering . . .

Back in 2006 we held our 50 year class reunion for all of miscreants, misdemeanants, felons, and assorted rascals who had attended and bluffed our way into graduating from Omaha's Benson High School.

Nice hotel, nice meal, great musical entertainment . . . and then a comedienne. I saw her standing in the wings, a 70+ year-old woman, wearing a Benson Bunny cheerleading hat and a Benson Sweater and I thought . . . "oh no, our reunion committee has gone off the deep end and booked some sappy old woman who's gonna come in, tell some terible jokes, get some polite, but tepid, applause. And the evening is going to end on a downer. This is going to be terrible."

Everyone once in awhile I'm wrong.

Dead wrong.

The gal absolutely killed the audience.

"Home Instead" is a senior's home in Omaha, Nebraska. A resident, Mary Maxwell, was asked to do the invocation at their convention.

Mary Maxell is the same gal that did our reunion.

She's excellent here . . .but she was even better at ours.


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