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Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Diary

People should be more like dogs.

There are only a few differences between people and dogs, chief of which is, people go to the bathroom when and where it is appropriate. Dogs don't always do that.

Aside from that, dogs are generally better than people.

Consider the fact that if/when you have a slight tummy upset and lie down to rest, your pup will likely jump up in the bed beside you. Does she lie down with you?
No, she most certainly does not. She wants to play. She nips at your ear, she chews on your hair, she runs around the bed and then comes back and snuggles up against you . . . then starts all over again.

When she wants to play you'll get no rest and there's no way you can get mad at her, or stay mad at her.

People aren't like that. Sometimes they don't wanna play. Sometimes they don't have time left to play. They're too busy with other things. Sometimes I think humans have forgotten how to play. And I can stay angry with humans, and they with me.

Not so with dogs. They won't let you stay mad. In fact, they can look at your with sorrowful eyes after you've chewed them out and make you feel about one inch tall. Naturally, you pick them up and hug them and what do they do? They kiss you and love you and are as happy as can be.

People ain't like that. People get chewed out, they resent you. For a long time. They give you a totally different look than a pup does. People don't forgive . . . or, if they do, they take their own sweet time about it.

People ought to be more like dogs.

Except I can do without the chewing of ears and biting my hair, thank you very much.

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