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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Fascinating Guest Speaker . . .

Richard Jungas, head of California Funeral Alternatives in Escondido, was our guest speaker this morning at the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club. This was his second time as an invited guest speaker. Absolutely brilliant and fascinating presentation!

Calm, matter-of-fact presentation, lots of questions and answers. Dick would make an outstanding speaker at your civic or service club. One doesn't normally think of a mortician as an outstanding guest speaker . . . Dick is. And it's a subject many of us really need to know more about and understand.

The first time Dick spoke to us it was because the scheduled guest speaker didn't show up . . . so, Dick was asked to speak and he absolutely held our club spellbound with his presentation.

Evelyn Madison needed a guest speaker for this morning and I strongly recommended Dick as it had been about five or six years since Dick last spoke to us. Fortunately, he was available and agreed to speak. Our meetings normally end at 8:30am. We stayed there till 8:50am. No one got up to leave. Everyone was interested in what Dick had to say and several more still had questions when we finally had to leave the room to make way for another group who had booked the room.

Give Dick a call. He'll be a brilliant, fascinating speaker for you as well.

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