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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Musings

That fella, Allen Jones, better be careful. He's about to lose a wager.

Evelyn and I finally got off our duffs and joined a gym. Two weeks and I've lost 1.5 lbs. Evelyn, the big show-off, has lost 3 lbs.

Allen suggested a wager where we compare torsos in one year when we meet for the 55th reunion. He who has lost the most proportional weight wins. I don't remember what the prize was, or is, but I'm gonna win it! Jes' you wait and see!

Unfortunately, there are side effects to working out. You tend to pull muscles. I pulled a flexor muscle in my left hip and am having a bit of trouble walking without looking like Walter Brennan in "The Real McCoys." Had some chiropractic adjustments and he told me to lay off leg exercises for about a week to give the muscle a chance, and time, to heal. That means not as much cardio exercise as I would like. Today, I got a little overambitious and put too much weight on a couple of machines and strained my right latissmus. It's a minor pull and will go away. We shall keep plugging away.

My contemporaries are passing away. My younger brother about three weeks ago, my former secretary Kay, last Saturday, and now I'm going to have to let one of my drivers go because she's so damned sick she doubles over in pain and she's looney from her medication; plus, her driver's license has expired. I can't have her out driving around for my company with an expired license, loaded up on medication, and not thinking straight. She could hit some little kid and kill or badly injure him . . . or even property damage . . . and the snaggletoothed lawyers would be looking at evelyn and me with great big, greedy grins.

Even Troy, my art director, is at death's door. He has a urinary tract infection, a middle ear infection, and some type of throat infection. So, I've had to call in another graphics person and told Troy to drink lots of liquids and cover himself with lots of blankets.

So . . . time for evelyn and me to try and get back into shape.

Rather daunting to see some of these gym rats (mostly women) running the ellipticals full speed for 20 minutes at a time, or running on the treadmill for up to an hour. I'm trying to make it to five minutes . . . but I'll get there. Eventually.

A week from Thursday evelyn will leave me for four days and attend the international Kiwanis Convention in Las Vegas. I'm not going. I didn't lose anything in Vegas, don't like it, don't like the heavy heat . . . don't like to gamble and the food is way too tempting.

The featured speaker is Colin Powell, whom I admire a great deal . . . but not enough to go to Vegas. Jay Leno's show is sold out; not sure if evelyn has tickets or not. I'm sure she'll have a good time. She likes conventions and banquets and all. I hate 'em.

A mostly relaxing Sunday today. Just got back from our workout . . . just have things to write and assemble. Nothing out of the ordinary.

And now . . . back to work!

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