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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Huskers Moving to the Big 10

Here's a commentary on this move from good friend, Don Stuhldreir, a fellow classmate of mine from Omaha's Benson High School. Don now lives in Maine:

It's a light day in the mailbox, so let's talk about Husker Football. By now everyone probably knows that NU is leaving the Big 12 (pending approval), but it hasn't been determined when they will begin play in their new Conference, the Big Ten. The Big Ten conference officials stated that before a school was invited to join them, they had to academically compatible. An economics Professor at Smith College stated yesterday that if that was really true, they would not be inviting Nebraska, whose academics didn't compare to a Michigan, or Ohio State. Excuse me? What University has had the most Academic All-Americans, and with a fairly large lead over 2nd Place Notre Dame? Oh yeah! It's Nebraska! NU is also considered one of the premier research schools in the country. And they are moving to the Big Ten conference, that has had 11 teams for several years, since they added Penn State. If they can't count they should change their name to the Big "?" Conference.
5 of the 6 Schools in the South Division of the Big 12, are considering a move to the Pac 10. Colorado has already made that move, so it appears that in a year or two, the Big 12 will be a thing of the past. New border wars with Iowa, and Minnesota, are in the foreseeable future. If, and when, my wife and I move back to our home in Ohio, we will be fairly close to both Ohio State, and Michigan Universities, so if tickets are available, look for us on TV at the Big House (Michigan) or the Horseshoe (Ohio State). We'll be wearing RED!
Oh CRAP! I just remembered. My wife was born and raised in Indiana, who is also a member of the Big Ten, or Eleven, or Something. To make matters worse, Indiana's colors are Red and White.

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