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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


If there was ever any doubt that Oklahoma City is right in the middle of the Bible Belt, you only have to take a Sunday morning drive on almost anymain thoroughfare. On almost any block you'll find a church.

This morning, coming back from breakfast, I counted six churches within about a 500 yard swath. All the parking lots were full.

Turn on the tv and about 8-10 channels are church programs.

Oklahomans also love their buffet restaurants. We went to the Golden Corral yesterday, some other one this morning. Not surprisingly, a great many of the patrons are big and fat, round as a bowling ball. Not slim and trim, like me. |-)

That's one reason I'm not fond of buffets. Way too much temptation for an innocent Nebraska kid to resist.

Churches, buffets, and football. That's Oklahoma.

They do have some beautiful homes here. I can't believe the prices. 'Course, there's one drawback.

You have to live in Oklahoma and put up with the Bible Belt, buffets and Oklahoma football.

And tornadoes.

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