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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Statement of Policy

I probably shouldn't have to post this but I will: The articles to which I link and the websites I recommend will not necessarily show you viewpoints with which I agree or even "facts" which I believe to be true. They will, at best, show you articles that I think are worth reading, even if you (like I) ultimately decide they're full of mule excrement.

A couple of recent e-mails suggest to me that visitors to this page are confused, perhaps because so many sites out there link only to those with which they usually agree. Currently in my "links" listing, I have pages as diverse as The Corner and Tapped, as Media Whores Online and Free Republic. I dunno how anyone could think that I concur with the views of reality you'll find in those venues since they're pretty much mutually exclusive. But I operate on the theory that no side has a monopoly on the truth...and even when you find the truth, it can stand up to the perusal of other possible truths.

If I agree with something, I say so. And if I don't say so of a link to a specific piece, it generally means I think the piece is worthy of consideration. Even if you and/or I both ultimately reject it. Thank you.

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