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Sunday, June 27, 2010

On a Sunday Afternoon . . .

Just got home at 3pm, Sunday afternoon.

Took a leisurely drive down to San Diego to pick up Mizz Evelyn who had flown in from Las Vegas where she attended the International Kiwanis Convention. She had a great time, saw Jay Leno, saw Cirque de Soleil, and did some Kiwanis business in between. She also walked her legs off . . . another good reason for me not to have gone. Walking is not a fun thing for me, particularly now with a bum hip.

I was quite content to sit here at my keyboard and turn out reams of copy, to feed the cats, to take the occasional nap, and to actually fix myself some rather tasty meals.

Still, it was good to have Mizz Evelyn back. I find I am much happier when she's here than when she's not.

We stopped on the way home and picked up up her youngest son, Marty, and his girl friend, Trish. They were camping at San Elijo Beach campgrounds and it was Trish's birthday so we took them to lunch at Los Ollas to celebrate. The char broiled fish tacos there are to die for! Great meal, great companionship, lots of laughs, and a great view of the ocean.

Speaking of which, we got off Hiway 5N at Manchester, headed for the Coast Hiway to reach the San Elijo campgrounds and meet up with Marty and Trish. As we rounded a turn and came up on a crest we immediately had a panoramic view of the ocean and the beaches. What a beautiful sight! Aquamarine water, breaking into lovely surf, washing up on the pristine sandy beaches, under a wonderfully warm, not hot, sun. A perfect day in San Diego County.

Life is good. Think I'll stick around awhile.

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