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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The World Will End on May 21, 2011!!

From Kent Ballard:

Folks, we've been short-changed! I figured since the world was going to end on December 12th, 2012, that I could start around October next year and settle up a few old scores and fill my bucket list with all the things I've never done.

Doesn't look like I'll have the time to do it, because the world (as we know it, anyway) will end on May 21st of THIS year. Yep. You can take that to the bank. I read this on CNN's news website and it was certified and guaranteed by a wandering band of prophets. But not just any old prophets. These people got the word straight from God. And if you can't trust a small band of solidly convinced lunatics that have been in two-way communication with God, who can you trust?

They've formed a caravan and are driving around the United States warning people, although they point out that it's too late to change your ways and be saved now. According to them, only two or three percent of us will make it anyway.

My Bible was apparently written by different author from the ones they have.

Right now they're in Tampa, Florida, presumably because God told them to go somewhere warmer than, say, Wyoming or North Dakota. They also managed to land squarely in Tampa's "Gasparilla Pirate Fest" which is going now now, so the story has pirates as a bonus! And there's a cool link to other times the world ended, too. I mean, was supposed to end. But these folks have it down pat and are sure they've got the date right this time. How sure? They walked away from everything they owned, sold what they could, gave away the rest, and simply walked out the door of their homes, some just leaving everything behind.

The story is amusing until you get to the little seven year old girl tagging along with them. She doesn't think she will be "selected." Nor does her father, who's sure he's going to make it.

What would believing that do to a seven year old child?

Anyhow, you can read all about it--and catch a video-- at...

I generally support crazy people everywhere. But when it comes to scaring children, that's not funny.


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