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Monday, March 21, 2011

Finger Monkeys - an update

About a week ago I posted some really cute pictures of finger monkeys.

They were so cute (see below) that I thought it might be neat to have one or two as pets:

Forget about that idea. They are actually pygmy marmosets, cost about $4,000 each and it would be a bad idea to have just one. They are a social animal and normally live in groups of about nine. If you only had one it would likely wind up dying of loneliness and depression.

They are considered an endangered species so you'd have to jump through about the same number of hoops to buy one as if you wanted to buy a Bengal Tiger.

Additionally, many states have laws against owning primates, California being one of them.

Just thought I'd save you the trouble of running out and buy a bunch of them. (9 x $4000 - $36,000). Plus bananas and lettuce.

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