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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Deliverance . . .

This is beautiful!

It was filmed at Clayton Georgia. The Boy... Now grown ..still lives in Clayton Georgia.

Remember the movie "Deliverance"? You'll love the music
Read this before viewing video. This is great!
I never knew this was “the rest of the story”!

This video was never part of the movie scene until the camera man
happened to catch this on film...

The family was well paid; and beat poverty just by accident.
Watch the little boy especially at the end...

Read this before viewing video.

This is an excerpt of the film "Deliverance" When the filming group of the movie stopped at a gas station somewhere, one of the actors started to play a tune from the film on his guitar. When a boy who was watching (an autistic) heard the music, he started to
respond with notes from his banjo. They started an incredible dialogue of instruments and the autistic boy expressed himself in probably the only form in which he was prepared to communicate.

This is how this remarkable scene, that was included in the film, was
developed and filmed.

Look at the expression of the boy. At first, he uncertain and waiting but as
the intensity of the music progressed, his lost expression was gone and an
expression of pleasure and happiness was recovered; thanks to this guitar
player who happened to pass by.

Later, after this magic moment has passed, the boy returned into himself, leaving this
part of his externalized beauty in the film.


  1. I just LOVE that scene. It just goes to show that none of us are stupid but smart in our own way. That's why God made us all different. God Bless!! Michelle Hamilton from Washington State

  2. Lovely story. It is a shame that it is a complete falsehood and I hope no one mistakes it for the truth. The facts are:

    1) The song was arranged exactly as it is performed based on an earlier song entitled "Feudin' Banjos".

    2) The scene was scripted.

    3) Everyone in the scene is a paid actor. The boy is played by an actor named Billy Redden, who is not autistic.

    Please check IMDB or Wikipedia if you would like to verify.