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Monday, March 28, 2011

I awakened this morning and a miracle had happened!

The arthritis in my right shoulder was completely gone! Where I had only been able to lift my right arm to about the level of my neck, I was now able to lift it straight up in the air; not a twinge of pain or discomfort!

I hopped out of bed, went to the vanity and tested my blood sugar. Completely normal! I looked in the mirror . . . my hair was dark brown, no wrinkles in my face or arms or hands. No bags under my eyes! I could read the fine print on the medicine bottles! I stepped on the scale and I had lost 50 lbs. overnight! I was now 165 lbs . . . the same weight I was when I finished basic training in the Army half a century ago!

I was full of energy and felt like going for about a two mile run. Not a walk. Not a jog, but a run!

If this be a continued dream, then I don't ever wanna wake up! It's so great to be young and full of vim, vigor, and vitality again! Don't know why I ever allowed myself to age in the first place.

Growing old ain't for sissies, y'know.

Just another day in Paradise.

This is exactly how I looked when I awakened this morning.
Notice the brown hair? The slender body? Not sure who
that blond haired tyke is . . . just might be my eldest son,
Scott, watching daddy as he makes a parachute jump.
(Naw, couldn't be. That was long, long ago.)

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