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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Five Guys . . . A Review . . of sorts

I don't know if you have a Five Guys Restaurant where you live or not.
They are in the LA area and have just expanded to San Diego County with
one location in San Marcos. We decided to give them a try.

A quiet, romantic, intimate restaurant, it is not. It is raucous.
Lines of people (though fast moving) enter the building, corridors built
of 50 lbs sacks of Idaho potatoes (a clever marketing/merchandising
gimmick) guide you to the ordering station, you then either stand around
and wait or grab a table and wait for them to call your number.
Meanwhile, you grab a couple trays of salted peanuts in the shell, to
munch on while you await your number being called. It really doesn't
take all that long before your order is ready and it's great people
watching time. Evelyn and I both noticed this fairly attractive young
(maybe 17-19 years old) girl, who looked middle eastern but who also had
humongous boobs. Evelyn thought they were not hers . . . I tend to
believe she received them directly from the Baby Jesus. I also
commented that they probably were quite uncomfortable and Evelyon agreed
.. . so large that I'm sure the young lads took notice of them . . .but
that she must pay a heavy price with a sore back and other discomforts,
lugging them around on her chest. If I were a woman I think I would
prefer Presbyterian boobs (you'll have to check back on the listing of Religous Bra Sizes).

It was a nice crowd, mostly young folks, but a few old farts, like us.
Loud music playing to the point it was difficult to hear what your table
mate was saying. Finally, they called number 10 and I dutifully went to
claim our feast. I had the regular hamburger, which comes with two
patties . . . all the fixin's you want. Evelyn had the smaller
cheeseburger, we shared a large order of French Fries (get the small
french fries; the large is waaaaaay too big, even for two people). Malt
vinegar at the table was super for the fries. That's the way the Brits
eat their chips (fries) and it's the only way to properly enjoy fries.
Catsup is passe'.

I had read all the raves about Five Guys Hamburgers and how they were
just the finest thing money could buy for $5. Well, maybe. I thought
it was a fine tasting hamburger . . . probably a shade above In N Out
Burgers . . .but not by much. But I didn't think it deserved quite the
raves I had read about. An excellent hamburger for $5. That's
accurate. Any more than that is hyperbole.

The restaurant itself is . . . interesting. But probably not the type
of restaurant I'd go rushing back to. You can order on line, go and
pick up the burgers waiting for you; not even sure I'd do that. An
interesting experience. Glad we went there . . . not sure I'll rush
right back.

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