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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evolution of the Dance . . .

We saw this fella at a Kiwanis International Convention; I think it was in New Orleans. Brought the house down. As you watch this video (it's 6 minutes long . . . consider how good of a physical condition this guy has to be to sustain this high energy performance. (You and I would likely be pooped out after two minutes!) Outstanding motivational speaker . . . this is the special bonus: - lyle

saw this speaker do his motivational speaking this last friday nite at the ore. state FFA convention here at Crater H S in Central Point. last nite in conjunction with the U S Army sargent 1 st. class Jammie Buckley did a surprise country western concert

enjoy Doug

Check out this video on YouTube:

Anna Palmer
English Teacher
Crater Academy of Natural Sciences (CANS)

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