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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Opining on a Wednesday Morning

Strange, where dreams take us.

Had a dream this morning where a national emergency was declared and sirens sounded; all radio, tv, and computers were filled with messages that when the sirens sounded next, we were to take cover. We had about 15 minutes to gather up what we needed and then head to a gathering point, or a bunker, I don't remember which.

I was alone. No family, loved ones, or friends around. Not even my puppy, Trixie. I grabbed a rifle (I don't own a rifle!) and that was all I could think of to grab. I don't believe I even had ammunition for the rifle. The fifteen minutes flew by and the siren sounded. I had a rifle. No ammunition, no food, no water, no money, no extra clothing, no medication, no family, no loved ones, no friends. Not even my puppy, Trixie.

And we were gathered together . . . a bunch of lost souls, some better prepared and supplied than others.

Somewhere around this time I awakened.

Not a terribly frightening dream, but somewhat so . . . but unusual.

It got me to thinking. What would we do if we were hit with a sudden national emergency? How well are we prepared?

I have a good friend, Kent Ballard, who lives in Indiana. He lives within the Forest Primeval on about 70 acres of land. He is a survivalist.

He has about a month's supply of water bottled up and stowed at strategic spots within his home; he has many weapons and plenty of ammunition to either hunt for game or to protect himself and his family from marauding hordes of hungry people who would come and try to steal his food and water; he has all types of kerosene and butane lamps, heaters, blankets, extra clothing, medical supplies . . . the whole lot.

Kent's prepared for a national emergency.

I am not. Nor, I suspect, are you.

I believe it's part of the Mormon training and culture to set aside supplies for use in an emergency; they also are set up to share, to help others, during such an emergency.

In the mid-west, it makes good sense to have some preparations made for emergencies. Those who live in 'tornado alley' may well have to fall back on backup supplies until the cleanup crew gets in to help out.
Here on the west coast, it makes just as much sense. We have earthquakes from time to time. Nothing huge thus far . . . but 'the big one' could roll in any time. If/when that happens . . . wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to have backup supplies stowed and readily available.

All this thinking from one little dream.

It tires one out.

I'm going back to bed for a nap.

This time I'm gonna dream about relaxing on a sandy beach, with warm tropical breezes caressing my Adonis like body (hey! It's a dream! I can be anybody I want!) I may even dream up a Mai Tai or Margarita, or two. Or more.

This afternoon I'll go shopping and buy some bullets for that rifle I don't have.

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