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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spaying . . .

Well, time got away from us.

Trixie appears to be coming into heat (estrus, for you scientific types).

We noticed her beginning to spot last night so knew we needed to get busy calling local veterinarians and get her tended to.

Wow! It pays to shop around! Acacia Animal Hospital quote between $400 and $650.

“What?!” sez me. “For spaying a dog . . . that’s way out of line.”

“Oh, we don’t just spay. We do blood work, urine, a comlete work up.”

(For those prices they ought to do plastic surgery on me and make this ancient face about 30 years younger). Acacia does, in fairness, get rave reviews from pet owners whose judgment I respect . . . but that’s way too much for spaying.)

Made several other calls . . . $180 - $250.

Found one in San Marcos for $68 . . . $88 because she’s already in heat . . . but we have to wait till November 30th.

Dogs in heat whine a lot, groan, look out doors a lot, seek a mate . . . (you know guys; just the way the lady in your life used to . . . before she hooked you. Now she pretty much ignores you, right?)

So, we’ll have to put up with the vagaries of estrus . . . she’s always on a leash outside – so perhaps we can avoid having a bunch of new little Trixie’s running around.

One is enough.

Oh, we’re taking her to the San Marcos Animal Medical Center. Their fees were superb and the doctor has drawn rave reviews.

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