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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Man invents machine to convert plastic back to oil

Plastic back into the oil it came from not surprised at this at all, just a case of Japanese ingenuity and perseverance.

What is more important would be the marketing and very low cost to make it mandatory to have one of these in every home.

Better yet, find a way to stop packaging everything in plastic. Sound is all in Japanese. Just read the subtitles and watch.

What a great discovery!Turning plastic containers, bottle caps, bags, all plastic waste BACK into usable oil (where it came from originally), back into gasoline, kerosene, etc . . . leave it to the Japanese!

Consider also, all the plastic floating in our multiple oceans. If a trawler went out and captured all this and processed it . . . how much cleaner would our oceans be? How much marine life, including corals, be saved? Add in the reduction to landfills . . . the mind boggles. What a great invention!

You have to see this.

Check it out:

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