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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Attacking TSA's policy:

There’s a blog known as reddit. They are having a discussion on the TSA policy of scanning/groping.


I have two suggestions:

a. This policy was implemented by “Big Sis,” not an elected official or a group of elected officials, otherwise known as Congress.

b. Seems to me a letter writing campaign to our congress critters is in order. They have the power of the purse and can cut off or severely restrict the funding of TSA. That would get “Big Sis’s” attention right smartly.

c. The congress critters surely would begin to know how strongly most of us feel about this.

Alternative 2

a. Everyone who is of a mind to, should show up at the airport of their choice, completely nude. If enough groups of nude people, young, middle age, and old farts, all show up nude – not only would the message get across rather quickly . . . but national media attention would fan the flames. Besides, we’d all get to look at a lot of naked people. (I can tell you that about 90% of the naked people that gather en masse, I don’t particularly want to see naked. But that other 10%? Well . . . .)

b. To be effective, this should happen at ALL major airports, nationwide. Not just in San Diego. 'Course, in those areas where snow and temperatures have already begun to fall . . . one should have mukluks and a warm coat handy.

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