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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More on TSA's stupid policy

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  1. TSA: The Stupid Agency

    What a bunch of idiots running the show here. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Wouldn't take much of a mind to out smart these folks.

    Pad downs and body scans on Pilots. They already have access to the cockpit, they control the plane. They don't need any other tools.

    The only way any scanning system will every work is if it's a brain scan. Of course the problem there would be the requirement of brains to put such a scanner together. There is certainly no evidence of brains at The Stupid Agency.

    Maybe the flight attendants, could be scanned but seriously, whose scanning the ground crews. This is just insanity at work.

    Admit it Americans have become cowards, the terrorists are obviously winning.

    Stop and think about, terrorists don't need to pass through security to accomplish their task, in fact, they can save the price of the plane ticket and detonate their bomb at the security check. Wouldn't that be more frightening to the travelling public, certainly increases everybodies odds of being a victim.

    BTW: Are they changing their latex gloves between every pad down, or are they just spreading germs?

    The TSA are as we say "At the Pointless of No Return"