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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Comment on Kent's Commentary . . .

Looks like we just might have a dialogue going!

Kent said:

After that interview, the newsman went on to say that Israel secretly
offered the Bush White House to take and train our airport security
people. They were willing to send experts to the U.S. and train them
extensively, just like they'd been trained at home.


Having gone through the Ben Gurion airport several times (as well as the EL Al gate at Kennedy) years ago, let me tell that, at least back then (1965-1985), you are correctly describing the methodology except for one very critical point... maybe two.

The (usually) young men and women hired to perform that function were well above the "rent-a-cop" caliber one usually finds occupying similar positions in the USA and elsewhere. They seemed to be well-educated, perhaps even college students doing some of their military service obligation time. Also, they were very well-trained in the kinds of questions they asked and their observation of physical behavior.


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