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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lyle has his ears back!

Went back to the VA yesterday, following their morning phone call telling me my hearing aids had come back from the factory and ready for pickup.

To the great joy of Ms. Madison, I now have my ears back and she can once again turn the tv volume down to reasonable limits. For the last three weeks she says she could hear the tv from the driveway when she’d return home. (And, yes, I now put those hearing aids into a puppy proof container by my bedside).

Just learned that tonight’s Nebraska/Texas A&M game is not on tv, at least here on the Left Coast; not on the computer channels either. There is a Husker Gathering at the Q Restaurant and Grill in Carlsbad . . . a joint meeting with Husker and Aggie fans. Sounds like fun but I probably won’t go. Game time here is 7pm I think and I don’t drive in the dark. May have to just listen to it on the Husker network on my computer. Can’t imagine why ABC wouldn’t televise the game nationwide instead of regionally. Two top rated teams? Should be a real barn burner . . . as some great sportscaster once said.

Cold and rainy in San Diego County. Good day for a nap.

As those of you know who read my earlier screed about my nightmare . . . I was up for half the night . . . so it is, officially, now naptime.


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