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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kent's Comments

Kent’s comments on air travel, as usual, are pretty much on target.

Which got me to thinking . . . do I really want to FLY to Omaha for my 55th high school reunion next August? Do I want to contribute to “Big Brother” interfering with my right to travel? Do I really want to fly to Geneva, Switzerland next year?

My initial impulse is no. But do I want to DRIVE to Omaha? No. Do I want to take a bus to Omaha? Absolutely not! A train? Hmmmmm. Maybe. A train might be fun. We’d need more time . . . but that can be handled. Besides, train travel is a lot smoother and more quiet than it used to be . . . and if we can get a stateroom, with a bed . . . it could be rather relaxing.

Like Kent, I’m getting fed up with “Big Brother,” intruding on my privacy.

The ‘nude scanner’ is and is not an issue. Nudity has never bothered me. I’ve been to nude resorts and have been quite comfortable there. But that was voluntary. My decision. If Uncle Sam comes in and says I HAVE to let him look at this glorious body that the baby jesus created then I, being a stubborn Norwegian, would likely say . . . “no, but thank you kindly.”

I’ve already decided I am not going to the Kiwanis International Convention in Geneva next year. Don’t wanna leave my puppy . . . and about the only time Evelyn and I ever get into an argument is when we travel. I don’t like arguments, particularly with Evelyn. I kinda like her.

Uncle Sam’s intrusion into my travel plans is just one more thing I don’t like about travel.

As to the Benson High School 55th reunion? I’ll be there. But I’m gonna start checking the train schedules.

(And, as Kent points out, if more of us opted for train travel or other travel plans . . . the airlines would get a strong message very quickly . . . and change their ways).

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