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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On the Training of Trixie

So far, I have trained Trixie to go tinkle and go poopie. She does both very well. Sometimes she even performs those tasks outdoors. I have also trained her to go through pockets of my shorts. Recently, she was able to recognize currency and managed to pull a wad of bills out of my pocket and chew on several bills. She has acquired a taste for $20 bills.

She has, in turn, trained me. I have learned to no longer just drop my shorts on the floor beside the bed, but to take them off and place them high up on a chair, the higher the better. I no longer leave my sandals on the floor but place them on my desk, or high on a bureau. I have learned to place my glasses, sun glasses, and any other plastic item out of reach.

I find the longer Trixie is around, the smarter I get.

I also notice that now that she has grown some she looks less and less like a Chihuaha mix and more and more like some type of Terrier. She has also noticed that since I have grown some, I look more and more like a portly gentleman.

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