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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Go Have Dinner!

There is a phenomenon in California that I’ve not seen in other states. We first discovered a lovely restaurant in Palm Springs where the wait staff not only waited on your table but would sing operatic arias and show tunes throughout the evening. A totally unique experience that this farm kid from Nebraska thoroughly enjoyed. Why, I even threw away my bib overalls, my straw hat, and my clodhoppers and bought real California clothes (shorts, Birkenstock sandals, and a polo shirt).

Here is an even more fascinating presentation, relayed by Mark Evanier, a brilliant writer for cartoons (Garfield, for example) and other show biz stuff. His written presentation and then watching the video, makes me want to buy a ticket for San Francisco and take in the showa:

Last Friday evening, as I reported here, I visited Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco and enjoyed it tremendously. I struggled a bit to describe just what the experience is like and could have saved myself some wordage if I'd found this video then. The shows and casts change there from time to time and I believe this is a composite of a couple shows, none of them the one I saw...though you'll catch glimpses of our pal Frank Ferrante in there playing his character, Caesar. (He's the one with the mustache, the ever-growing spot on his cheek and the wardrobe that makes him look like a pimp making a tasteful fashion statement.) Anyway, this should give you a sense of the energy in the room and the way the performers and servers interact with the patrons and with each other. It really was as much fun as this looks...

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