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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Game . . .

Well, my endocrine glands have probably manufactured a bit of adrenaline by now, replacing that which was lost while watching the squeaker Nebraska pulled out today over Iowa State, 31 to 30, in overtime.

So many ‘ifs.’ If the Iowa State QB had thrown a harder, direct pass, instead of a ‘floater,’ Nebraska would likely have lost on the two point conversion. If Nebraska had not put the ball on the ground so often again, the game might not have been so close. If pigs had wings . . . they could likely fly.

You have to give Iowa State credit. Their coaches did a fantastic job of getting them up for Nebraska; their head coach had a strategy of “just staying close,” and hoping to pull the game out at the end. They almost did. And maybe should have. I really think Iowa State outplayed Nebraska and may well have deserved the win more than we did.

One of the more interesting games I’ve seen in a long, long time. Given the fact that we didn’t have Martinez or Zac Lee readily available (they could have played, maybe . . but not at full strength) . . given the fact we had five fumbles and lost two of them . . . given the fact we had very little of a passing game . . . and given that we were using a 3rd string QB . . . we came out pretty good . . . but the game was in doubt.

I’ve revised my evaluation of the Huskers for this year. I thought they were all but invincible at the beginning of the season.

They are not invincible. They can be had.

We will likely win the Division . . . but I don’t think we are a BCS national caliber team. Up near the top, yes, but not a championship team. We don’t dominate. We aren’t consistent. Boise State dominates. They are consistent. I would not be at all surprised if they wind up national champs if they don’t get screwed out of the chance by the BCS Committees.

I’m already thinking, ‘wait till next year!’ Then . . . we may be able to dominate on both sides of the line, be an offensive scoring machine and a smash-mouth defensive team that takes no prisoners.

Not this year.

My $.02 worth.

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