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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally, a good political story . . .

From my good friend, Kent Ballard, of Indiana:

Last night there was a nasty car wreck in Henry county, Indiana. One man
was passing another vehicle, unaware that he was in a no-passing zone.
The double yellow lines had worn off the pavement. He collided almost
head-on with an oncoming car. The man who attempted to pass had his car
totaled instantly and spun around a few times on the road. The other car
ricocheted off him and wound up in a field.

The next car that came along saw the mangled wrecks and stopped to help.
When he stopped and ran to the demolished car on the road, that driver
was surprised to see the occupant, thanks to his seat belts and air
bags, was unharmed. He was also very surprised to see who it was. He
knew the guy. It was Democratic candidate Steve Holmes, who is running
for the Henry county council today.

The man who stopped to help a stranger was his opponent, Republican
Steven Dugger, who is running for the same office.

Holmes said the irony was lost on him at first. He was simply amazed to
be alive. But he shook off the effects of the crash and the two of them,
Republican and Democrat, went down to check on the passengers of the
other car involved in the wreck.

No alcohol was involved. Holmes was completely sober and the police had
long known those no-passing lines needed to be repainted. No charges
were pressed.

Indianapolis' Channel 6 News, their local ABC affiliate, interviewed
both of them today. The men appeared together and shook hands. While I
was sitting here watching the news, one of their wives voiced over the
film of the two men standing together today. I don't know which man's
wife it was. It doesn't really matter. She said, "In events like that,
there are no Democrats or Republicans. Only people...only people."



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