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Monday, October 4, 2010

The proper way to deal with pirates . . .

Saw this and sent it out a couple months ago. I like it so much, however, and believe this is the proper way to deal with pirates . . . I'm gonna send it out again.
Perhaps the namby-pamby US government will take the hint and deal with these pirates in the appropriate manner. I suspect you would see a marked, and rapid, decrease in piracy.

A followup comment from good friend, Kent Ballard:

The Russians screw up now and then and do something right. I wish our Navy would make such quick work out of pirates. (One did, with a sniper shot to the head.)

I think it's also useful to look back on all the horrendous nuclear accidents they've had since the dawn of their atomic age. We never had to nuke 'em. They did enough of that to themselves to save use the trouble.


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