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Thursday, October 21, 2010

USMC Combat Training

I have heard talk about Twentynine Palms and the realistic training conducted there, but this is the first video that I have ever seen showing what the guys actually go through. Most Marines go to Twentynine Palms before going to Iraq or Afghanistan. Now you can see why we have the best trained Marines in the world !
At 29 Palms, upwards of 900 actors at a time are used, some of whom are Afghan Americans. Training IEDs are used and wounds are graphically simulated. There are even actors with amputated limbs who portray injured Marines. The training is extremely realistic.
When completed, the training facility will have in excess of 1,200 buildings and will be larger than 29 Palms itself. It's quite different from when training consisted of crawling under barb-wire with machine gun fire overhead and thrusting a bayonet into a make-believe enemy.
WARNING: The scenes are quite graphic.

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