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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Letter from New Mexico

Got a great letter from New Mexico today. It was BJ Harrig Rutherford and her devastatingly handsome hubby, Harvey. It gave us both chuckles.

Well, let me correct that. It was a letter from Maggie Rutherford, Harvey and BJ’s Shih Tzu. It reads as follows:

Hi Trixie:

I am Maggie Rutherford, Harvey and BJ’s Shih Tzu. I am sending you this little sweater I wore when I was a puppy but I growed out of it. Since you are little, I think it will be just your size.

I KNOW, your daddy thinks that dogs SHOULD not wear clothes. But tell him it is Halloween and a girl needs to dress up. Tell him you are a Fur Person and Fur persons need clothes. Please send me a picture of you wearing the sweater.


Maggie Rutherford

(Bona Fide Legal Footprint sent to confirm the identify of the sender).

Evelyn had to hold a shotgun on me while she put the sweater on Trixie . . . but she and BJ and Harvey succeeded in their mischief. (And Trixie didn’t take to it, she kept nipping at it, trying to pull it off. Obviously, Trixie and I are of the same mind. In time, after Trixie and I both put up such a wailing noise, Evelyn relented and took the sweater off. We were then all smiles.

Evidence of the dastardly deed follows: (See top of message; blogspot doesn't let you place the photo where you want it).

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