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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This game called football . . .

from Sue Baker Ketchmark

From the Dallas Morning News Sunday edition -- Now that Bo Pelini seems to have Nebraska back on top, the question isn't how long the Cornhuskers stay there, but how long Bo will. He's the ideal Nebraska coach--no nonsense, lots of defense--but turnarounds like he's made tend to attract athletic directors.

( as Lily Tomlin was so fond of saying, "And that's the troooth." Unlike guys like Nick Saben (Michigan State/LSU/Alabama all in 5 years), I think Bo will be happy where he's at for two reasons. The move to the Big 10 puts him back in his 'comfort zone', and I don't think the Huskers are going to let him go without a fight. As coach of one of the premier programs in the country, with a fan base that is THE premier in the country. At the first inkling of interest, he'll get a contract extension, and a healthy raise.)

From Lyle: Interesting how brilliant minds think alike.

I was just thinking yesterday, after the San Diego Chokers . . . er, Chargers, blew a game against the Oakland Raiders Sunday, that the Chargers would be well advised to seek out Bo Pelini and offer him tons of cash and a long term guaranteed contract. The Chargers have loads of talent . . . but their Special Teams gave up a safety and a touchdown on two blocked punts, allowed long runbacks on kick-offs and punt returns, and even their vaunted defense couldn’t stop the Raiders . . .. not to mention two fumbles. All big NO-NO’s in Pelini’s scheme of things.

But, I resolved to keep my thoughts to myself as I don’t want anybody entertaining the same idea and going after Bo Pelini. He’s too important to Nebraska and I love Cornhusker football a helluva lot more than I do Charger football. (Actually, I prefer college ball over professional ball. Even high school ball is pretty decent to watch. They televise a number of high school games on cable tv . . . both local as well as around the country.

But now I see I’m not alone in my thoughts. If you and I are thinking these thoughts . . . surely some big shot with the Pros are thinking the same thing.

Wanna bet how soon Bo is to be courted by NFL teams?

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