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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Early Saturday Morning . . .

Had a nap and now am wide awake.

A cool day here in Escondido, occasional rain but not enough to wet a gopher’s whiskers.

Anxiously awaiting the Big Red showdown with Texas later today. Seeking revenge, big time.

Not only have I lost my left ear (hearing aid) but now I’ve lost a tooth; a lateral incisor, it’s called. I told Evelyn I’m in the market to buy some bib overalls and a floppy straw hat because without one of my front teeth, I look like a good ol’ boy from Redneck Country (or maybe Big Red Country). It broke off at the gum line. Totally painless. My dentist told me this could happen. The tooth had such a large filling there were probably more filling than tooth and it was likely one day to just break off. He was right.

So, it looks like lyle is now in the market for not only a left hearing aid (which, if the VA does not replace, my Homeowner’s Insurance will likely cover) but either a bridge or a flapper. Left ear doesn’t hear well, have a hole in my mouth, and my right shoulder is, effectively, frozen. The good news? My sciatica has calmed down. No real pain for about three weeks, no need for a cane. Perhaps my NFL career as a Senior Quarterback is still attainable. I note that Brett Favre is ailing again. Perhaps I can take over for him. And I promise not to send lewd photos of myself to pretty female sports reporters or masseuses. Or to ugly ones, either.

Evelyn and I had plans to go to Beverly Hills tonight and screen and review a movie on Keiko, the Orca (Killer) Whale upon which the movie “Free Willy” was based. Unfortunately, we got our wires crossed and the screening was at noon today . . . and we only found out about it at 11:30am. Didn’t think we could make it to LA in 30 minutes . . . so we scrubbed . .. and hope we can rebook when it shows someplace else in LA. Another promoter wants us to come up to LA and review “Jane Eyre.” The show is coming to Escondido later in November . . . and could use some hype before it hits town. “Jane Eyre” is not my cup of tea . . . but I know my tastes in entertainment may not totally reflect my readership. They may enjoy it.

Have another invitation for either tonight (Saturday) or Sunday, to go up to Brea (near LA) and attend another Surfin’ Safari (Beach Boys Tribute Band) concert. We enjoyed them so much when we attended one of their concerts in Temecula. We just might do that as well. Evelyn and I really need to get away for a day or two, grab a posh hotel, make goo-goo eyes at one another, and take in some entertainment.

We both absolutely love the paper . . . but we work at it 24/7 and we do need some time away from the office. We both really enjoyed our all to brief time share visit to Carlsbad’s Tamarack Beach Hotel; we’ve decided we need to do that more often. We may spend a few dollars in the process but someone said something to me yesterday that makes a lot of sense . . . “When that hearse drives away, it doesn’t have a U-Haul trailer attached.” Meaning, you can’t take it with you . . . enjoy it while you can.

Enough. 1:20 am. Bedtime for lyle.

Go Big Red! Beat Texas!


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