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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The New Mojito . . .

Since MaryLou Kallmeier introduced me to Demon Rum in the form of a Mojito while we attended the Sacramento mini-reunion, it seems only fair that I transmit more of her devilish plans for sweet, innocent ol’ me. She sent me a new formula for a Mojito using Tequila instead of Demon Rum.

WARNING! Excessive consumption of Mojitos may cause you to think you should enter Karaoke contests, make you think you can sing better than you really can and that you can dance really, really good. T’ain’t necessarily so. Such consumption can also cause you to say, “I love you,” to everyone you meet, including total strangers. Sometimes even saying it to furniture.

You may not shave for days, may not change clothes . . . shower . . . brush your teeth, (and this is only for the women!) We poor men suffer even more.

So . . . if you are the type that enjoys living dangerously . . . have at it. Read this deadly formula if you must, brew it up, if you must (and listen for that evil chuckle in the background; that’s MaryLou, accomplishing her goal of turning us all into Mojito freaks).

But, remember, I warned you!

Weekly Cocktail: Sol Cocina's Mexican Mojito | Great Taste Magazine

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