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Friday, October 22, 2010

Proposition 19

Don’t know if I’ve commented on this or not . . . but there’s a Proposition on the ballot this year that would legalize the sale of marijuana.

I was prepared to endorse it as I have less of a problem with marijuana being legalized than I do with alcohol being legal.

I don’t think marijuana is nearly as dangerous as alcohol.

However, I went to a debate on the proposition, staged by the Escondido Rotary Club. After hearing the pro/con arguments, I came away from that debate deciding to oppose Proposition 19. Why the change of heart?

One primary reason.

There are a number of corporations that have a zero tolerance policy for drugs in the workplace. Under this law, if passed, if an employee tested positive for THC, s/he would have to be fired. No matter that they had used marijuana at home, on vacation, wherever, on their own time. THC stays within your system for 30 days, hair follicles retain it longer. So, if tested, one could be fired for something they did two weeks ago . . . on their own time.

That ain’t fair.

So I’m opposing Proposition 19.

If they rewrite the proposed legislation to eliminate that quirk, I will probably support it.

Confession: I’ve used marijuana. Not recently, but about 20 years ago, while working at KFMB Radio in San Diego, we experimented with grass. Enjoyed it. Glad I tried it. I know what it is and it’s not something to be feared. After about six months, I stopped smoking it. Haven’t smoked it since. Have no need nor desire to do so.

And, yes, I did inhale.

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