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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Slow Learner

It has happened again.

I had laid down for a brief nap this evening; Trixie came in and laid down beside me. Just me and old Trixie. A man and his dog. Peaceful. Contented time.

While napping, I took my hearing aid out and placed it on the night stand.

After awhile I got up and took Trixie for her walkies. We came back in and I went into the office to work.

About an hour later, Evelyn comes home from her sorority meeting and gets ready for bed.

She then walks into my office and says, “I think you’d better come into the bedroom.”

I knew instantly what had happened.

“Oh, no! Not my other hearing aid!”

We walked into the bedroom and sure enough, there it was, laying in pieces on my bed.

She had gotten up on the night stand, again, and gotten something interesting to chew on.

$4400 in hearing aids! Destroyed!

Did I discipline her?

Hell no. She would have had no idea what I was disciplining her for. The dastardly deed had probably happened a half hour before Evelyn discovered it. Maybe more.

Mr. Davis is a slow learner. I had been putting the hearing aid in the drawer at night just to prevent this very thing from happening. Tonight, I forgot. It cost me.

Big time.

If I didn’t love that doggone pup so much I’d give her back to Tim Cunning, the mad, wild eyed, red headed and bearded Irishman who gave her to us.

Hope your day has gone well.


Def Lyle

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