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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fake Orgasm Check List

Whether a woman fakes her orgasms or not, is something
the majority of men would rather not question in case
they discovered that she has been all along, and that
they are not in fact the stud they thought women go
wild for, but rather a pathetic creature with a
problem, who needs to be patronized.

For those of you who would prefer not to ask her, but
would still like to know, there is a simple checklist
to help you.

1. In the middle of lovemaking, and just before the
moment it sounds as though she is about to have an
orgasm, stop and take away the magazine she has been
reading. If she says "Oh, I was reading that", then
she was faking it.

2. If her panting, groaning and screaming are in tune,
or sound like a familiar song, then she can't be
concentrating enough on the job at hand, and must
therefore be faking it. Or else she really likes the
song playing on her personal stereo.

3. A rule of thumb, which is usually very accurate,
is: stop at random and record her response. If every
time you stop she says "Mmmmmmm you were wonderful",
then she is faking it. If she says "Don't stop", then
she isn't. However, if she says "Don't stop" hours
after lovemaking has finished, it is possible that she
may have fallen asleep, and missed most of the

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