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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Another Saturday

I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning, munching on tangerines which I have freshly picked from a neighbor's tree.

They are smallish . . . but tasty. I love tangerines. They're easy to peel, tasty to eat. I have an endless supply of them as when I take Trixie for her walkies, we always go by this tangerine tree. Quite often I'll be wearing my dark blue terrycloth bathrobe, with my sandals . . . and I happen to have great big pockets on that bathrobe. Ergo, I collect many tangerines, carry them home in my pockets, and then place them on my desk for whenever I get the munchies.

I think of this almost daily scene as I contemplate my brethren (and cistern) who live in the snow/cold belt. I well remember the many years of blizzards, sleet, and snow back in the midwest. For some strange reason, I do not miss that weather.

I'd rather be out picking tangerines.

Another neighbor has a grapefruit tree. Picked one of those a couple days ago but it's a wee bit too bitter. Not quite ready for harvesting, but I shall keep a close eye on them as I love grapefruit. (I'm not supposed to eat grapefruit, however, as it neutralizes some medication I'm taking . . . I think for cholesterol. But, I sneak one in now and then).

After the Super Bowl tomorrow the football season is all but over. This is good because it means I shall get more work done. No more lounging about, watching big, beefy men knock each other down and throw a strangely shaped ball around. No, I always get a lot of work done when it's not football season.

Today is a kickback day .. . we'll drive to Carlsbad, on the coast, and have my glasses repaired. There's a little business over there, called HotShots; very small hole in the wall type, that fixes your glasses while you wait. The guy is making money hand over fist. Usually a 15-30 minute wait and everything is fixed . . . usually about $12-15 for the repair. My puppy, with her boundless energy, and constant squirming and playing, has knocked the wings on my glasses askew and they need to be straightened and tightened; or replaced.

Then we're checking out a time share at the Carlsbad Inn that's available for $3,000, about a third of what it originally cost. We love our timeshare at Tamarack Beach Resort in Carlsbad . . . this one just might be another nice getaway spot for a week. It's a prestigious location, right on the beach - highly desirable . . . and a time share that could likely be sold at a tidy profit. If we don't want it, I think my attorney will. He's asked me about them before.

Probably lunch with Marty and his girl friend, Trish (Evelyn's youngest son). Trixie can stay at Marty's and play with Klyde, Marty's dog. They get along well. (Marty also has a tangerine tree in his backyard . . .so we'll load up there as well. Besides, his tangerines are bigger than my neighbor's). Lots of great restaurants in Carlsbad where you can dine by the seaside . . . breathe in the fresh, salty air . . . enjoy a fine meal, good company, and warm weather.

Will probably take Evelyn shopping, to buy her something pretty for Valentine's Day. I don't imagine I'll have much trouble talking her into that. There's a jewelry store on the coast that we both like so I expect she'll be flashing something pretty, very soon.

And that's about it for Saturday.

Sunday . . you just know I'll be watching the Super Bowl. I'm pulling for the Packers. I love Rodgers, their Quarterback . . and despise Big Ben, the Steeler's QB . . . he who molests and preys on women. He should be in jail, not playing football. I guess if you've got millions of dollars to pay the right attorneys you can get away with most anything.

Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid. At my age about the most exciting thing to be doing is walking the dog and picking tangerines.

Oh, except for one thing. Next Wednesday I'm interviewing Dick Cavett. Will be doing a feature story on him, possible a cover story.

Other than that .. . just another day in Paradise.

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