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Friday, February 18, 2011

An Open Letter to the Wisconsin Legislature

Members of the Wisconsin State Legislature

I am a small business owner in California. The task of limiting the abuse of power by public service unions in Wisconsin is critical not only to Wisconsin but to we here in California and the rest of the United States as well.

We know that the vast majority of public employee union members are just plain folks, not activists. They have silently enjoyed the ride as their leadership demanded more pay, more benefits and more job security. They have been willing pawns as the union leadership has used their dues to buy political influence far beyond their numbers and to elevate their compensation to unsustainable levels far above those available in the private sector.

It will be a tough and vicious battle but one we cannot afford to lose. The fight has just begun and you are the beachhead, the front line. Do not expect victory without suffering. The unions and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party will throw everything they can at you, You will be threatened’ spat upon and reviled in the media, expect it. Liberal judges will try to hamstring you with appeals and injunctions. It will be ugly but please don’t give up.

This fight is to restore truth and sanity. A battle against fraud corruption and political correctness.. When the battle lines are clearly drawn and the smoke blown away you will find we, the silent majority of Americans, are standing tall with you.

Paul Van Middlesworth

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