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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning

Another early morning visit to the keyboard.

Wide awake . . . have been her for about an hour; as i write this it is 6:15am.

Not a whole lot that is exciting to report. You've heard/read of my account of the Cavett Show at Harrah's Casino.
Other than that detour from a normal, routine life, things are fairly quiet.

Most of my time is spent reading or sending emails, playing with Trixie, or just taking up space within this universe. (I trained for that in college).

I may have mentioned that we canceled our trip to Geneva, Switzerland this summer. There is an International Kiwanis Convention there but we scrubbed largely because we didn't want to leave our baby (Trixie) alone for two weeks. I refuse to kennel her. We had a beautiful blond high school chum from Sacramento offer to come and house sit and puppy sit and that was tempting . . . but, in the end, I've seen all the world I care to. I'd rather be with my puppy. (Though the beautiful blond high school chum is welcome anytime).

For altogether different reasons, there is a growing probability that I won't be attending the 55th reunion this August. Life changes, so do plans.

We're going to the Dog Park more and more often. Trixie loves it when I say . . . "I wonder who might want to go on a . . . . Car Ride?" She dances round and round and heads right for her leash, so I can hook her up. We get to the park and I take the leash off and she runs free, running around and sniffing other dogs, and they her. This is an interesting habit. From now on, whenever I meet someone, I think I'm going to circle them warily, and sniff them. That way I can be sure they are friendly.

She's beginning to socialize more and more with other dogs and with people. Even with people, however, she's only at the sniffing stage. She backs off if anyone other than mommy or daddy try to pet her or pick her up.
That will probably change, in time.

More and more often, if we travel to the coast or are going to be gone for any length of time, we take her along. We have one restaurant we frequent where you can take a dog, as long as you eat in the outside area. She enjoys it, behaves like a perfect little lady, and the waitresses all love her.

When we can't take her, she seems to understand. I look at her and say, "Trixie, you're gonna have to stay home, but daddy will come back." She just sits there, cocks her head, and seems to say with her eyes, "Okay, have fun. See ya."

Yesterday, we met two ladies at the park area adjacent to the dog park that is operated by the Obedience Center. We've looked over their schedules and may start taking Trixie there. Turns out the gals both knew of the Paper and read it regularly and love it. We had done two expose's on Puppy Mills so they thought we walk on water, which, of course, we do.

And that's about it. Fairly routine, hum-drum life of an exciting newspaper guy who is still on this side of the sod. I guess that's good.

Catch you all later.


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