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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Navy Puts on a Show . . .

I sent my eldest son, Scott, down to North Island Naval Air Station yesterday to act as a reporter and photographer for The Paper. Gave him a letter of authorization and requested professional courtesies.

He never made it.

"Dad, we were two hours on the Coronado Bay Bridge! The traffic was dead slow and there was another hour's wait in traffic to get on base. We decided to abort and go to the San Diego Zoo instead. (They have season passes). While we were there, all the monkeys in the monkey cage went bonkers and ran and hid. You know why? All those planes flying directly overhead. At one point they had 85 aircraft flying over the zoo at the same time."

While on the Coronado Bridge they managed one photo of a fly by of a group of choppers, about all you can get when stuck on a bridge. Here it is:

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