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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twilight Landing at LAX

Cockpit view of a twilight landing at Los Angeles airport

Great fun, especially if you're familiar with L. A. geography

(Note: The sound on this is, I think, way too loud. You can turn the sound down on the YouTube control panel, left hand side, next to the speaker symbol. Other than that . . . an enjoyable video.)

A fantastic video showing the STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) complete with music and a compressed time frame of 4 minutes and 6 seconds. While this is not an AA flight, many of us have flown the exact same route hundreds of times. In great weather, one never tires of the phenomenal view of the Los Angeles area (hopefully without smog). This particular video is shot around twilight...showing the vivid hues and colors following a sunset. The landing takes place on Runway 24R which is the northern most complex of east-west runways at LAX. After touch down, you'll see the aircraft taxi southbound to arrive on the south side of the airport for parking at gate 68A. As some point out, be sure to view this with full screen and in 720p high density.

The producer of this video did an outstanding job!

Also select 720p it makes a huge difference full screen.

Cockpit view of a twilight landing at Los Angeles airport compressed into about 4 minutes. Be sure to view this in full screen to see how awsome it really is!

Good audio track too!

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