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Saturday, February 19, 2011

They Killed!

It is Saturday night, 10:50pm, and I just finished a glass of wine in celebration of tonight's event.

We presented 'Creedence Relived,' a Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute Band that absolutely killed the audience, as I knew they would.

We had people dancing in the aisles, waving their hands, clapping their hands, tapping their toes, and singing along with the music.

I have discovered a great group and we will book them again in other venues.

Right now, I'm a bit deflated. Tired. Physically and emotionally exhausted from working on the promotion of this show and pulling it off. But it's a good feeling of being tired. A contented feeling.

We had a last minute technical glitch but our sound/light engineers were able to solve it before show time. Show time was 7:30pm and at 7:30pm . . . the show started! (That's a big cockleburr with me. If a show is supposed to start at 8pm, it damned well better start at 8pm or I will glare at many technicians and talent. This cast and crew were a delight to work with.)

We didn't sell as many tickets as we had hoped but will still generate a small profit. The CEO and founder of Escondido Charter High School, Dennis "Coach" Snyder, has committed to me that he wants to present a continuous series of concerts. So, it looks like I have suddenly become a concert promoter. In fact, while I was there tonight, after the show, he hired tonight's band to come in and play for an assembly of his students. I think this venue will become known for bringing in great music at affordable prices ($20 to $30, tops, per ticket).

Now . . . the wine is kicking in and I'm getting drowsy . . . so it's off to beddy bye for the Impresario.


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