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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tank Killer

I received this email and attachment from a trusted friend; however, I have seen this video before and I think I remember it to have been a demonstration of a military weapon under controlled circumstances; I also believe the "tank" was being driven by remote control.

I could be wrong but just issue the above statement as a caveat. I always hesitate to put full faith in stories that are not attributed to a responsible news agency or commentator. The story below could be true . . . or it could be an embellishment to an already existing video. (My good friend who forwarded it to me is more trusting than I am).

Yours to decide.

What you are about to watch is an actual event. The Israeli Armed Forces filmed this in real time. What you'll see is a fully armored Syrian tank being hit by an Israeli laser-guided, steel-penetrating, phosphorous-filled "hand held" rocket. The rocket is small, very portable and is a tightly controlled weapon. Each one is accounted for when they are checked out and back in. There must be no fewer than 2 soldiers present to verify the use, one must be a senior officer with a minimum of 10 years military service. (Sorry, the name and program is kept secret.)

This tank was headed for one of Israel 's settlements. There were four more tanks one mile to the rear of this tank. They turned around before getting to this area after learning what had happened to the lead tank.

You can hear the ammunition going off after the initial strike. No Syrian tank crew member survived this event and it did not make the news. It is an everyday event for Israel 's Armed Forces and they do not permit the "embedding" of news reporters with their armed forces like we Americans do. This weapon and its tactical use is for their survival, not for "news" entertainment! Perhaps we should take a page from the Israeli Military Handbook.

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