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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday morning . . .

Saturday morning and I just returned from Trixie taking me for a walk. Out into the bitterly cold winter temperature of 51 degrees with 46% humidity and 0 wind. I donned my nice, warm, terrycloth bathrobe, slipped on my Birkenstocks, and we were off . . . .bravely doing battle with California's winter!

She did her business, for which she was properly praised, then she saw some of the neighbor dogs and whimpered and cried to go visit them. She did more than that. She dragged me across the street, just like a sled dog. I had her on a leash but it was her that was controlling, not me. I could have stopped her, had a car approached, but other than that, she was hell bent to go see Buddy, a German Shepherd mix across the road, on a large acreage, but behind a chain link fence. Once reunited they sniffed each other and that was about it.

Then the Shelties started yapping, and Trixie just HAD to go see them. Two Shelties, beautiful dogs, fenced in, were running up and down the fence-line and,once again, I, like the obedient person I am, allowed myself to be drug across the road so Trixie could visit with her other playmates. And, again, they just sniffed each other through the fence and then seemed to lose interest.

Back in to the house we went, hoping to persuade Ms. Evelyn to fix up a fancy breakfast for us both.

What a gal that Evelyn is! You would have been as proud of her as I was last night. Her eldest son, Monty, had a birthday and Evelyn whipped up a surprise birthday party in about an hour and a half. She had already bought the ribbons, signs, balloons, cake, food, etc., but she had to divert Monty away from the house long enough for her to get a party atmosphere decorated. He came by the house (finally!) and then headed for home, where it had been prearranged for his wife to take him out for dinner. At the same time, all eight of their kids descended on the Madison mansion and set to decorating the house. When Monty arrived again, this time with his wife in tow, he was properly surprised.

A great time was had by all. Except me. I'm not much of a party animal so I hid out in my office and got some work done. I had a bite to eat . . . made nice for about 15 minutes . . . and then disappeared. (Evelyn's grandkids sure are loud! They're mostly college and high school kids and they have the loudest laughs I've ever heard this side of Pluto). Mr. Davis does not like a lot of noise.

After a bit I relented and returned to the rather crowded family room. As they all headed outside to attack a pinanta, filled with candies, I stayed inside and visited with Trish, an elegant, beautiful blond, girlfriend of Marty, Evelyn's youngest son. Trish is a class act and I always enjoy seeing her as well as chatting with her. She and Marty make a really attractive couple. Marty is movie star handsome with a great smile (one can only envy his beautiful teeth) and, together, they make quite a match.

In time, the kids (mostly) returned with giggles and sacks full of candy, all of which will no doubt please the local dental profession, and the party began to wind down. Monty had been both surprised and well pleased with his party. I think Evelyn was quite pleased as well . . . and well she should be. She just did a super job (with a little help from the grandkids).

The poor gal was exhausted by the end of the evening so I instructed her to head right for bed . . . the dishes and all would wait till morning. Well, that's not Evelyn. In spite of my strict instructions, she had to tidy up and put things away into the pantry and fridge and all (you see how much weight I carry in this house!). Eventually, however, she did come to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. Kinda thought she would . . . and was pleased to see her get a good night's rest.

She earned it.

Now, it's a new day and more work to be done. Finish reading the morning paper, have a big breakfast, take a nap, and then get busy to accomplish great things.

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