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Friday, January 28, 2011

Charlie Callas, RIP

From Mark Evanier's blog:

Such a funny man...dead at the age of either 83 or 86 depending on which obit you read. This one says he was 83. I usually don't go for comedians who make funny faces and silly noises but there was something gloriously manic about Charlie Callas...and he was always just a wee bit out of sync with reality. It was like life had filmed him against a green screen in another dimension and matted him into this one.

Want a quick sample? I was on the set of The Tonight Show when this was being taped. I wish you could have seen how hard Mr. Carson laughed. Everyone laughed, including the band. You had to be really funny to get Johnny to laugh like that and even funnier to get the band to laugh as it did that day...

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